Internationalization Shouts Out to High Schools

Internationalization shouts out to High Schools

The process of internationalization has developed a network of collaboration, partnerships and educational enhancement among universities, institutions and youth organizations internationally. Academic exchanges, international students and scholars mobility as well as study abroad, have penetrated the learning communities in many regions of the globe. Attending college nowadays means not only following a curriculum in a certain field; it means having full impact learning in a multicultural diverse community. Traditional college instruction has incorporated diverse teaching methods. Campuses are filled with international students and scholars who area eager to contribute to the development of internationalization. College students are required to Study Abroad, to learn various foreign languages and to have international learning experience before graduation. Companies require candidates work experience abroad so they would be able to use the employee’s knowledge and skills for international economic growth.

The questions raised under these circumstances are: where do high school students stand in all this process? What do high schools do to prepare their graduates for an internationalized college experience? Does college counseling in high schools offer enough international options?

Teenagers and their families are not knowledgeable of the many opportunities after graduating high schools .The college counselors in high schools do not have the adequate training on opening paths to education for those they counsel.

At NAFSA (Association of Foreign Educators) national conference in Boston this year, high schools were brought into discussion. Teenagers must become aware that they cannot succeed academically if they do not accept the fact that traditional college life is becoming old fashion.At Region X ( NJ is part of this region ) NAFSA conference in Long Island,( Oct 25-27) IIE confirmed that Generation Study Abroad is a project that will be expanded to high school students . Scholarships opportunities will be offered to teenagers and they will have the chance to study abroad, perform internships and community services in a foreign country through different international programs.

The shout out however, has to be made to high schools and their leaders. They must take stand to guide and educate on internationalization process the communities they lead.

Luckily for teenagers, there’s no way out because Intl. Education has proved to be one of the most important tools of global peace and awareness.

Alina Pap


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