NAFSA 2015 annual conference is coming to Boston from May 25th to May 29th.

So What is  Annual NAFSA?

Answer: more than 10,000 International Educators from around the world ,once a year,  bring innovative  prospectives in internationalization of higher ed. and beyond.

Many times I walked the Expo Hall of NAFSA and I felt overwhelmed of how many providers show  paths to a global education experience. Many sell Study Abroad Programs, Exchanges, Internships and they have developed a business industry in the field of International Education. The personal needs however, have been lost  somewhere  in the process.  Why should one choose a program over the other? Why should one attend an  university instead of another? These are some of the questions that many families have when their child is ready to start an academic journey. Each seller has its own response that would enlighten its view and option.

The on line search is also one of   the first tools that individuals use to help them take decisions.  The information however, accessed through search engines, lead everyone  to selfish representations and a marketing controlled by financial interests. The gap of realistic opinions has to be filled. AMP is happy to function  as a bridge between universities /agents and the individual. Our mission is to stand for individual’s interests, empowerment of small colleges and high schools as well as for  exposing  options and overcome the barriers caused by frustrations of academic choices.  AMP therefore , comes at NAFSA as a tutor , a counselor for those colleges and agents that have been shadowed by powerful institutions but still would like to launch as internationalists. There are pioneers in Intl. Education and there are followers. AMP commits to being neutral and  guide the followers into becoming leaders in the global market place.

Alina Pap


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