Shaking hands with Kofi Annan

I still feel the touch of a shaking hand with Kofi Annan. I had envisioned  the moment for about 15 years. I was flying the day I found out I would have the chance to hear him at the  opening ceremony of the Sorensen Center for International Peace and Justice at CUNY School of Law. And here I was , surrounded by diplomats, judges and lawyers , advocates of  the world peace. We were all enthusiastic for listening to one of the greatest diplomats  the world has had so far. The speech was short but targeted the essential: world peace is in each of us and it’s not alien to any of us.” We the peoples”, know how to make and support  world peace ,but we must want to.

When the speech ended, there was a  request coming  from one of the Law students: an advise for  the representatives of law and order. “Enforce Law and Order consistently throughout the border”. The answer was meant for lifting the poor and supporting  the middle and upper class with human rights.Can advocates of International Law do this?

The answer is in all and each of them .

Home I went with “We the Peoples“, a book Kofi Annan wrote and signed for me and for you because we are the peoples.

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