Erasmus University, Rotterdam NL

AMP had the honor to visit and meet admission counselors at Erasmus University ,Rotterdam NL.

When I first arrived on campus I had a mixed feeling of traditional and modern . A campus built in 1973  is the host of approximate  14,000students and faculty from around the world.  However it’s been summer, the paths of the campus , the classrooms and the offices had a vibe that immediately supported the feeling of an active and interactive learning environment. I was definitely interested to find more about the individual component of the university, programs and partnerships. I had the chance to speak with two lovely admission counselors in the department of  International Bachelor’s Economics and Business Economics and International Bachelor’s in Business Administration.

I was impressed of the way they welcomed me:lovely personalities and very knowledgeable of everything related to admission process and classrooms components. Both programs are very selective and they encourage students to apply and discover the world of business administration and business economics. Since many prospective students are inclined to apply to both, I must enforce the difference . International Business Administration teaches students how to become successful in management and administration. The International Business Economics focuses its instructions on economics foundations, research and analyses.  Both programs welcome students from around the world and they are having classrooms with a compassion of 60% international students. It is then obvious how competitive and diverse Erasmus in Rotterdam can be.

Erasmus Research Institute of Management  offers  Phd programs for individuals in the field of Economics.The Researchers and the Phd candidates come from a variety of cultural backgrounds but with a common goal:to enhance personal and global economic experience. The research done at Erasmus is internationally top rated as being innovative with a great contribution to the development of Business Organization ,Marketing,Finance and Accounting, Strategy and Entrepreneurship.

Erasmus University is also the home of other programs in Social Sciences, Arts and Cultures, Humanities  and Medicine ;which are summed up under wealth, health, governance and culture.  It also supports partnerships with universities in countries around the world, including United States.

So what’s different at Erasmus? The international dimension that the whole university promotes. It is a learning environment where each student and faculty could find means for achievement, regardless of his/her cultural background. The administration  stuff is trained to comprehend and manage the challenges brought by the international population that  learns and works at Erasmus. Here, internationalization is at home.

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