Visiting Drew Univ

Three years ago I had the chance to teach on the campus of Drew University . It was an intense ESL course for  visiting high school students from France and Italy.  I was impressed of the whole estate which looked like a park. I felt the comfort and the peace that many students had talked about before.

During the spring of this year I paid another visit to Drew . However,the weather was unfavorable, I was still overwhelmed by the nature, buildings and last but not least the people. The administration stuff  gave me a very warm welcome.  I definitely   must enforce their professionalism and their capability of offering a comprehensive and articulate overview of Academic life at Drew. The tour guide was a student involved in many curricular and extra curricular activities. The way she delivered the information was very effective and from her experience,  I was able to understand that an individual would be able to discover his/her full academic potential while studying at Drew.

The question however is :Why is Drew special?

Drew is special by its structure : it has the College of Liberal Arts and the Theological School. It offers  programs of interests in Science, Humanities, Social Sciences . All professors  hold Phd.  The classrooms are small and the community is  powerful. Students and professors build   strong academic relationships and they are concerned of each others’ achievements. Internationalization is not strange to Drew.  Each semester, %10 of the new incoming students  is international population , enrolled students have the chance to study abroad or go on exchanges .  NY is only 30 min away on bus, train or by car. Therefore, Drew has made most out of it and came up with 2 special programs: The Semester at Wall Street and The Semester at UN. These do not need further explanation. The courses and practicum are offered at Wall Street and at UN. Students get to learn, meet and collaborate with  famous financial individuals or diplomats that work for global  organizations and companies.

More about Drew?   It encourages and supports athletics .It has men’s sports and women sports ; team sports as well as individual ones like  tennis. The indoor and outdoor fields are very well maintained and the swimming pool is amazing.

Drew also offers housing on campus. I had the chance to visit the dorms… really, really neat  and comfortable.

Who goes to Drew?

Drew is  as an option for students who are looking for a place where they can grow academically , discover  and empower their  skills. Because  at Drew ,quality of education is not strange , it is there….

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