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Community Colleges become favorites for International Students.

Green River College, WA, is one of the favorite colleges for International Students. It is an Institution that allows foreign students to study at lower costs with payment plans for two years. Why ? The college relies heavily on the international population to increase its revenues. However, this should not be an impediment for foreign students to apply. They should actually think that two years in a Community College  is the time when International Students find their career paths and means for continuing their academic dreams  at  a 4 year institution. There are many community colleges around the country that have welcomed international students and faculty and have implemented internationalization as an institutional policy. And further, the two years colleges are more aware that they must measure the outcomes of the process in order to become well developed  institutions on the global academic market.

The International Students should not be discouraged therefore of applying to a Community College. It does not mean they will not reach their goals, it only means they are having a smoother entrance into the American College Education System .