Community Colleges become favorites for International Students.

Green River College, WA, is one of the favorite colleges for International Students. It is an Institution that allows foreign students to study at lower costs with payment plans for two years. Why ? The college relies heavily on the international population to increase its revenues. However, this should not be an impediment for foreign students to apply. They should actually think that two years in a Community College  is the time when International Students find their career paths and means for continuing their academic dreams  at  a 4 year institution. There are many community colleges around the country that have welcomed international students and faculty and have implemented internationalization as an institutional policy. And further, the two years colleges are more aware that they must measure the outcomes of the process in order to become well developed  institutions on the global academic market.

The International Students should not be discouraged therefore of applying to a Community College. It does not mean they will not reach their goals, it only means they are having a smoother entrance into the American College Education System .

Internationalization Shouts Out to High Schools

Internationalization shouts out to High Schools

The process of internationalization has developed a network of collaboration, partnerships and educational enhancement among universities, institutions and youth organizations internationally. Academic exchanges, international students and scholars mobility as well as study abroad, have penetrated the learning communities in many regions of the globe. Attending college nowadays means not only following a curriculum in a certain field; it means having full impact learning in a multicultural diverse community. Traditional college instruction has incorporated diverse teaching methods. Campuses are filled with international students and scholars who area eager to contribute to the development of internationalization. College students are required to Study Abroad, to learn various foreign languages and to have international learning experience before graduation. Companies require candidates work experience abroad so they would be able to use the employee’s knowledge and skills for international economic growth.

The questions raised under these circumstances are: where do high school students stand in all this process? What do high schools do to prepare their graduates for an internationalized college experience? Does college counseling in high schools offer enough international options?

Teenagers and their families are not knowledgeable of the many opportunities after graduating high schools .The college counselors in high schools do not have the adequate training on opening paths to education for those they counsel.

At NAFSA (Association of Foreign Educators) national conference in Boston this year, high schools were brought into discussion. Teenagers must become aware that they cannot succeed academically if they do not accept the fact that traditional college life is becoming old fashion.At Region X ( NJ is part of this region ) NAFSA conference in Long Island,( Oct 25-27) IIE confirmed that Generation Study Abroad is a project that will be expanded to high school students . Scholarships opportunities will be offered to teenagers and they will have the chance to study abroad, perform internships and community services in a foreign country through different international programs.

The shout out however, has to be made to high schools and their leaders. They must take stand to guide and educate on internationalization process the communities they lead.

Luckily for teenagers, there’s no way out because Intl. Education has proved to be one of the most important tools of global peace and awareness.

Alina Pap



NAFSA 2015 annual conference is coming to Boston from May 25th to May 29th.

So What is  Annual NAFSA?

Answer: more than 10,000 International Educators from around the world ,once a year,  bring innovative  prospectives in internationalization of higher ed. and beyond.

Many times I walked the Expo Hall of NAFSA and I felt overwhelmed of how many providers show  paths to a global education experience. Many sell Study Abroad Programs, Exchanges, Internships and they have developed a business industry in the field of International Education. The personal needs however, have been lost  somewhere  in the process.  Why should one choose a program over the other? Why should one attend an  university instead of another? These are some of the questions that many families have when their child is ready to start an academic journey. Each seller has its own response that would enlighten its view and option.

The on line search is also one of   the first tools that individuals use to help them take decisions.  The information however, accessed through search engines, lead everyone  to selfish representations and a marketing controlled by financial interests. The gap of realistic opinions has to be filled. AMP is happy to function  as a bridge between universities /agents and the individual. Our mission is to stand for individual’s interests, empowerment of small colleges and high schools as well as for  exposing  options and overcome the barriers caused by frustrations of academic choices.  AMP therefore , comes at NAFSA as a tutor , a counselor for those colleges and agents that have been shadowed by powerful institutions but still would like to launch as internationalists. There are pioneers in Intl. Education and there are followers. AMP commits to being neutral and  guide the followers into becoming leaders in the global market place.

Alina Pap


Shaking hands with Kofi Annan

I still feel the touch of a shaking hand with Kofi Annan. I had envisioned  the moment for about 15 years. I was flying the day I found out I would have the chance to hear him at the  opening ceremony of the Sorensen Center for International Peace and Justice at CUNY School of Law. And here I was , surrounded by diplomats, judges and lawyers , advocates of  the world peace. We were all enthusiastic for listening to one of the greatest diplomats  the world has had so far. The speech was short but targeted the essential: world peace is in each of us and it’s not alien to any of us.” We the peoples”, know how to make and support  world peace ,but we must want to.

When the speech ended, there was a  request coming  from one of the Law students: an advise for  the representatives of law and order. “Enforce Law and Order consistently throughout the border”. The answer was meant for lifting the poor and supporting  the middle and upper class with human rights.Can advocates of International Law do this?

The answer is in all and each of them .

Home I went with “We the Peoples“, a book Kofi Annan wrote and signed for me and for you because we are the peoples.

Erasmus University, Rotterdam NL

AMP had the honor to visit and meet admission counselors at Erasmus University ,Rotterdam NL.

When I first arrived on campus I had a mixed feeling of traditional and modern . A campus built in 1973  is the host of approximate  14,000students and faculty from around the world.  However it’s been summer, the paths of the campus , the classrooms and the offices had a vibe that immediately supported the feeling of an active and interactive learning environment. I was definitely interested to find more about the individual component of the university, programs and partnerships. I had the chance to speak with two lovely admission counselors in the department of  International Bachelor’s Economics and Business Economics and International Bachelor’s in Business Administration.

I was impressed of the way they welcomed me:lovely personalities and very knowledgeable of everything related to admission process and classrooms components. Both programs are very selective and they encourage students to apply and discover the world of business administration and business economics. Since many prospective students are inclined to apply to both, I must enforce the difference . International Business Administration teaches students how to become successful in management and administration. The International Business Economics focuses its instructions on economics foundations, research and analyses.  Both programs welcome students from around the world and they are having classrooms with a compassion of 60% international students. It is then obvious how competitive and diverse Erasmus in Rotterdam can be.

Erasmus Research Institute of Management  offers  Phd programs for individuals in the field of Economics.The Researchers and the Phd candidates come from a variety of cultural backgrounds but with a common goal:to enhance personal and global economic experience. The research done at Erasmus is internationally top rated as being innovative with a great contribution to the development of Business Organization ,Marketing,Finance and Accounting, Strategy and Entrepreneurship.

Erasmus University is also the home of other programs in Social Sciences, Arts and Cultures, Humanities  and Medicine ;which are summed up under wealth, health, governance and culture.  It also supports partnerships with universities in countries around the world, including United States.

So what’s different at Erasmus? The international dimension that the whole university promotes. It is a learning environment where each student and faculty could find means for achievement, regardless of his/her cultural background. The administration  stuff is trained to comprehend and manage the challenges brought by the international population that  learns and works at Erasmus. Here, internationalization is at home.

Visiting Drew Univ

Three years ago I had the chance to teach on the campus of Drew University . It was an intense ESL course for  visiting high school students from France and Italy.  I was impressed of the whole estate which looked like a park. I felt the comfort and the peace that many students had talked about before.

During the spring of this year I paid another visit to Drew . However,the weather was unfavorable, I was still overwhelmed by the nature, buildings and last but not least the people. The administration stuff  gave me a very warm welcome.  I definitely   must enforce their professionalism and their capability of offering a comprehensive and articulate overview of Academic life at Drew. The tour guide was a student involved in many curricular and extra curricular activities. The way she delivered the information was very effective and from her experience,  I was able to understand that an individual would be able to discover his/her full academic potential while studying at Drew.

The question however is :Why is Drew special?

Drew is special by its structure : it has the College of Liberal Arts and the Theological School. It offers  programs of interests in Science, Humanities, Social Sciences . All professors  hold Phd.  The classrooms are small and the community is  powerful. Students and professors build   strong academic relationships and they are concerned of each others’ achievements. Internationalization is not strange to Drew.  Each semester, %10 of the new incoming students  is international population , enrolled students have the chance to study abroad or go on exchanges .  NY is only 30 min away on bus, train or by car. Therefore, Drew has made most out of it and came up with 2 special programs: The Semester at Wall Street and The Semester at UN. These do not need further explanation. The courses and practicum are offered at Wall Street and at UN. Students get to learn, meet and collaborate with  famous financial individuals or diplomats that work for global  organizations and companies.

More about Drew?   It encourages and supports athletics .It has men’s sports and women sports ; team sports as well as individual ones like  tennis. The indoor and outdoor fields are very well maintained and the swimming pool is amazing.

Drew also offers housing on campus. I had the chance to visit the dorms… really, really neat  and comfortable.

Who goes to Drew?

Drew is  as an option for students who are looking for a place where they can grow academically , discover  and empower their  skills. Because  at Drew ,quality of education is not strange , it is there….